Marcus olsson


Name: Marcus Olsson
Fishingguide Since: 2021
Company: Fiskeguide i Falkenberg AB
Phone: +46(0)705808096
Instagram: @fiskeguideifalkenberg
Facebook: Fiskeguide i Falkenberg 
State / Province: Halland
City: Falkenberg
Waters: The lakes arround Falkenberg and other waters in South Sweden. We al so have a exlusive Private lake with a fantastic fishing.
Tequnices: Spinn, Baitfishing, Vertical fishing and Pelagic Spinnfishing
Species: Pike, Perch and Walleye
Languages: Swedish, English and Norwegian 

Marcus Olsson

Our guided tours are personal with a maximum of three people per boat, (in exceptional cases four depending on prior knowledge), which means that you get an experience beyond the ordinary.
Here are great opportunities to choose the method you want to learn more about or let the guide recommend the method for the day.
The fishing takes place from top-equipped sportfishing boats in our Halland waters.
Together with me, we choose the method you as customers prefer to fish or the most optimal for the day. Spin, angling, trolling or why not pelagic vertical fishing?

Our boats that we use for guided tours are fully equipped with the latest marine electronics from Garmin. During a guided tour with me, I am happy to teach and give tips on how to read different sonar and then use that information to get the most efficient fishing possible.
In short, I grew up in the country just a stone's throw away
a lake so my interest in animals and nature was born early.

I have turned 44 years old and my passion for fishing has not diminished during these years! On the contrary, I have fished all my life and built on myself a large knowledge bank that I am more than happy to share.
I fish a lot and have great local knowledge in most waters in Falkenberg and the surrounding area.
Warm welcome!
Marcus Olsson

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