Quality Assurance.

Our requirements for our guides in The Guidepool.

1. Law and order
Our guide and instructor follow the laws and rules that apply in the business.
Fishing regulations in the waters that are used for business are followed and as our Fishingguides and Instructors are acting like  role models .

2. Ecological view
Our Fishingguides are acting for a  Ecological sustainability.
We have clear fishing rules for our guests and as a fishingguide we work actively with fish conservation in different ways.

3. Reception and Service
As Fishingguides in Fishingguide In Sweden we maintain high service levels to our work with our guests.
All the information we put out is of high quality .
We respond to inquiries in a serious and professional manner within 24 hours.

4. Products and Marketing
The products we sell are of high quality and are delivered in a Proffesional way.

5. Network
We all are active in different networks to strengthen and develop the fishing tourism in the country for the better.

6. Catch Information
As a fishingguide we keep catch statistics from our guiding and fishing in our waters.
We are actively working to obtain good images of our guests and their catches.

7. Photos
We make sure that we have the rights to use any images that we use for our marketing.
We are actively working to improve our image bank for our business.

8. Local Anchoring
Fishingguides in Fishingguide In Sweden try to support local markets and networks in our various fields as much as possible.

9. Älvräddarna
At least 100kr/guide/year of the Fishingguide In Sweden membership fees goes directly to Älvräddarna and there important work with our water .

If you are a Fishingguide and want to be a part of  this network you must follow our Quality Assurance!