Jesper ljungberg


Name: Jesper Ljungberg
Fishingguide since: 2000
Company: Fiskeguide i Falkenberg AB
Phone: +46(0)705616023
Instagram: @fiskeguideifalkenberg
Facebook: Fiskeguide i Falkenberg 
Province: Halland
City: Falkenberg
Waters: Ätran, Högvadsån, Falkenberg coast, lakes and rivers in and arround
Falkenberg, eastcoast and some other waters in southern Sweden
We have a wery exklusive private water with good fish population.
Tequnices: Single and doublehand flyfishing and spinnfishing
Specias: Salmon, Seatrout, Garfish, Pike, Perch, Wallay, Rainbowtrout and Trout
Languages: Swedish, English

More about Jesper ljungberg

My name is Jesper Ljungberg and I live in Falkenberg.
Worked as a fishingguide and casting instructor on and off from the year 2000.
Runs guide and course company Fiskeguide in Falkenberg AB together with my colleague Marcus Olsson.
There we hold courses, guided tours, corporate events, fishingtrips, rental of
sport fishing equipment, boats and more.
We work with both spin and fly fishing, from boat and land.
Do you want to be a better fisherman and have wonderful sportfishing
experience in Halland?
Then you have come to the right place! On our guided tours and courses you
get the opportunity to learn more about sportfishing. How and where do you
fish best, where do you find the best fishing spots according to season and
prevailing conditions, suitable methods and a lot of new tricks. We adapt
completely to your level of knowledge and ensure that everyone gets the right

We fish in one of our fantastic Halland waters and the guide chooses a place
according to the season and prevailing conditions.
My favorites these days are definitely my home waters Ätran and
Högvadsån, Mörrum and Emån which I visit several times a year and
coastal fishing for sea trout.

I fish for the most species on the fly, with everything from light onehanded to
twohanded flyfishing, but are a little extra passionate about salmon, sea trout
and rainbow trout.

2016-2018 I was part of ProTeam Scierra Sweden.
But from the 2019 season, I have had the great honor of belonging to the
Guideline Power team and fish with their awesome fly fishing products.
If you are eager to test my passion with me, you are welcome to my guided
tours and courses.

Tight lines / Jesper

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Phone: +46(0)705616023

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