Our Services

We make it easier for everyone that is searching for a Fishingguides or a fishing experience in Sweden to find the right Fishingguide for the purpose!
Here you can find Fishingguides with different specialties and geographic spread!

Besides beening a Guidepool we al so offer other services!
Below are some examples of services that we can offer you!


We work with various consulting assignments!
Some examples are: Coatching for new entrepreneurs / fishing guides / fishing lodges, we arrange special trips, we arranges conferences and workshops for organizations and businesses, etc.

Cours Activities:

We arange Fishingguide and Instructor courses for different destinations and organizations!
From one day to multi-day courses that we adapt to participants and area.
Examples of courses:
We arranged a 3 day Fishingtourism course focusing on how to be a Professional Fishingguide  for Destination Skellefeteå where we went through various guide techniques, guide psychology, marketing, practical exercises, various guest requirements and different experiences that experienced fishingguides have been through!


We arrange different Lectures by request!
We have been doing lectures on various ways of marketing, fishing tourism, Dream job - To work as a fishing guide, Fishingguide Psychology, among others!

Field Trips:

We will shortly be offering various Field Trips for the Fishguides that are included in the Guidepool!
This will be traveling to various destinations where we learn more about how Fikeguider work in these areas, while we al so will be working with networking and new collaborations!
We are planning already for next year and beyond to offer at least two different Field trips to different countries and destinations!
Ower first Field trip that we are planing to do will go to Scotland and this is already planned to be this autumn 2014!

More information about ower Field trips is coming on the news soon!

If you have any questions or are interested in hiring our services you can contact us with @-mail.
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